What a fantastic time we had


Exhall crop was awesome this month and I really need to say lots of big thankyou’s and tell you about the fab time we had.

To start us off we had 2 lovely classes from Ann Caldwell.

Then we had Stephs birthday to celebrate and didnt we do it in style Emma cooked everyone lunch and it was DELISH.  It was a fab home made curry and my only regret is I didnt get a photo =( but big thanks Emma – you can come again !!

We also had fab make and takes using the new Silkies over in the Indigo Mills shop here!! … Claire worked her little leg warmers off and showed us some stunning techniques including, stamping, glimmering, painting, & dabbing, there are so mnay things you can do with these silkies its unbelieveable.

Steph and her dept. manager Marie whipped us some lovely treats just check out this fab shortbread and yummi cupcakes that we all got to eat (yum yum)

And that wasn’t the end by a long shot!!

Steph’s beautiful birthday pressie in the form of magician Doc was delivered at lunchtime along with a beautiful orchid!

I have never seen Steph blush quite so much, lets not mention the girlie giggles… oops to late sorry Seph.

Huge thanks to all that made this a special day, i’m sure we will be talking about it for a long time

Claire xx


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