Where has our summer gone


Well so much for our Barby summer this year, although we did manage to have a Barby Sat night and invited some of the family from Mansfield.
I’m so glad we did now as we all got to chill out on a lovely warm evening eating good food and enjoying a few drinks, the kids had a fab time catching up with their cousins, I even got dragged into looking at the stars, I’m sure we all looked a right sight lying on the large trampoline that dominates our garden looking up trying to identify the supposed Jupiter next to the moon shining very brightly and watching the satellites floating past, I honestly never realised how many there are up there.
Tonight apparently we will see the remains of meteors (or so I’m told) so keep an eye out if it’s clear for what should look like shooting stars.


I have managed to do some scrap-booking this week, I am making a mini book for a friend all about her dog, I don’t have any dog themed stash so it’s proving to be a challenge. I am halfway through so will post some pictures up when it’s complete.

Time to take the kids to the park for some fresh air, camera at the ready x


editing to add a couple of pics




Even I braved a go on this one!! (dont laugh)

Even I braved a go on this one!! (dont laugh)


Ciaran & Ruby May played lovely together


  &  Bethany just had to copy Mum lol 5415_265368045424_779925424_8212373_2435699_n


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